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Million dollar ideas strike at 3 A.M.
Do you feel that a dream that you had last night had the perfect solution to your problem? Ever got surprised by the clarity of your thoughts when you were fast asleep? If you have experienced this then you must be wondering why it happens or how. Read here how to have that same thoughts more often. How to have a clear mind and a clear thought process to have great ideas and thoughts.  more>>

Some lessons learnt from Life
Life teaches and preaches us on every step, but it is on us to take those lessons and learn from it. We need to learn from those experiences and implement it for good. Every thing in life that is worth knowing, can never be taught. It has to be understood by oneself on his own. Here are some short stories that would really touch your heart and put you into thoughts. more>>

Understand Intuition and use your GUT feeling
People often are too scared to live on their own terms, intuition guides you well if you are really willing to listen to it. I do not know how, but to me the answers are much difficult, when I have options in hand and use my knowledge and brains to choose. When you take the time to learn about, understand and tap into your intuition, you will find that your decisions and actions are so much easier to make. As you go through the decisions that you make in your daily life how much do you rely on your intuition? Do you feel focused and strong in the choices that you make? Or do you feel that you have to deliberate, analyze, weigh out pros and cons, get lots of opinions and scare yourself into a decision? Learn to tap your 'gut'. more>>

CHEER - Happiness and Peace Duality
I pursued 'life' as a hobby since I caught myself doing so. I realized, that I was pursuing it for, I don't even know how long. I always wished to know why things happened the way they did. I was always astonished on the minutest of the details of the happenings in life. Life, as I know can be described in different ways. Ways as different as the millions of different happenings that occur in our life. If I go on describing life, then even I would be assisting and contradicting myself in each line of this article, so I will just restrict myself to the topic 'Peace and Happiness'. more>>

GOD- The Uncertainty
I am an atheist, why? for a simple reason- " I fail to understand the concept of god". The misleading definitions, the confusing attributes, the impractical examples and the analogy. The concept of god is very different to me as the limits of my belief are exactly coincident with the limits of my understanding. In this article I'll refer to the term 'god' in a different manner. I would try to state what my confusions are, and why? more>>

Sphere Theory - How God works
I believe, If I pray for someone's good, then my god starts making things good from me to the person. It works just as if god starts creating a sphere where, I am the center and he stops only after the sphere of goodness engulfs the person too. You can create 'n' number of theories for setting your basics of life, but deciphering ones life is in ones own hand and probably that is his purpose. No matter how and what you get out of life, it is important that you understand how to enjoy your life to the maximum. more>>

Wave Theory - How God works
God does not treat us differently. He has a fixed amount of happiness and fixed amount of grief to be distributed in this world. He works in geometries, very simple geometries in circles, in waves and that's it, in his world straight lines do not exist, they are mere static versions of his dynamic creations... You can create 'n' number of theories for setting your basics of life, but deciphering ones life is in ones own hand and probably that is his purpose. No matter how and what you get out of life, it is important that you understand how to enjoy your life to the maximum. more>>

Deciphering Dreams
Did you know that your subconscious has a mind of its own? Your conscious mind may be in positive thinking mode, but negative emotions such as doubt, worry, or fear held in the subconscious can override the desires of the conscious mind. Negative emotions–of their own accord—can and do create a negative reality. Limiting beliefs, such as "I’m not capable," can create not getting that job you wanted. If, down deep inside you feel unworthy, unlovable or undeserving, be aware that these are negative core beliefs and they can cause havoc in your life. To feel unworthy at a deep core level, can create a situation where you do not get what you want, because you are unworthy of receiving it. more>>

Everything happens for a reason
Everything in life happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck. Illness, love, and lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all accrue to test limits of your soul. Without these small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to know where safe and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless. If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally, not only because they love you, but also because they are teaching you to love and open your heart and eyes to little things. Make everything count. Appreciate everything you possibly can, for you may never experience it again. more>>

Use the power of your mind to be successful
"You attract and create everything which is happening in your life. It is called as law of attraction." The power of our thought is enormous and goes beyond the limited of our body. Our thoughts are like a very strong magnet attracting everything which is in synch. So we think about the bad stuff like being in debt or in a broken relationship. And more of the same is coming to us. I know it is almost impossible to generate a positive thought when you are surrounded with bad circumstances. But this is where the game starts. You have to understand that those bad circumstances, surrounding you right now have been created by you. Your negative thoughts attracted and continue to attract that bad stuff. more>>

Do you know the purpose of your life?
Let me imagine that I have all the money I need and no longer I have to pursue and elusive goal that everyone else now pursues. Financial freedom. The light at the end of the tunnel. But just for the sake of this example let’s state that I don’t have to worry about the survival anymore. I have enough money to satisfy whatever craving I have or need for my family. Then what? What would I do with my day? Would it be to form a multi-billion dollar company that feeds the needy and takes care of every home less child in this world? What would give my life a meaning right now? more>>

The ideal situation, how to acknowledge
Many people I know, are in a continuous thrive for success. But in this process they fail to see what they have. They don't exactly know, what to look for, sometimes when asked what do want that would make you satisfied, they have an answer that even they are not satisfied with. This is the irony with many of us, we do not know what they ideally want. Most people fail in life, because they choose "what they want the most ", over "what they want at that moment". more>>

Happiness, Life, Destiny
Are you happy? When asked this question, do you stop to ask yourself, "What is happiness anyway"? I wonder how many people even stop to clarify what happiness means to them or what can be done to improve the present level of happiness that exists in their life. Some people believe that happiness is something that is the result of external factors in their life, such as success in their profession, the accumulation of wealth, maintaining the perfect relationship or creating the ideal family. Holding on to such a belief allows the forces of our life to dictate our level of happiness. According to this belief, one could wake up in a present state of happiness feeling very satisfied and content with their world. As they progressed through their day, however, they may lose this state of happiness as they are faced with the struggles of their everyday lives. more>>

Deeper level of life
I've had a feeling for sometime now that there's a deeper level to go with the 'Life On Purpose Process'. It's been incubating for several months, surfacing from time to time, often while I'm reading something of a spiritual nature. I'm now ready to give a first cut at it. I'll begin with the idea that with the Life On Purpose Process we can address the question of "who am I?" For example, when someone says, "My life purpose is..." Who is the my/I that they are referring to? more>>


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