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Dreams Communicate in Symbolic Code
Yet, So Do the Happenings of Daily Life


Did you know that we exist in a symbolic world?
This means that in waking reality, tangible objects in one’s home—such as a garden frog statue, or a sports trophy—are personal symbols. Real-life events, situations, occurrences and happenings—such as leaky plumbing, conflict with a loved one, a memorable vacation, and so on—are personal metaphors. Even the colors you choose to wear, or decorate with, have meaning.

The symbols and metaphors of daily life 'show' us something about our inner selves. You would be amazed at what you can learn by interpreting the metaphors of your waking day.

One can use the Decipher process to investigate any problem, any situation, just as if it were a dream, and then use the information to make needed adjustments or changes. You can use the information gleaned from life’s happenings to grow, to be a better person, be more successful, and healthier.

Can Accidents Be Manifested From One’s Subconscious?
An accident’s details can be Deciphered to learn why it happened. We speak in terms of accident "victims." People who have been physically injured often do feel like victims because circumstances were not in their control.
Having an open mind about what truly caused an accident can empower an individual, and take him or her out of the role of helpless victim. One can Decipher the details of an accident to learn if a “part” in the subconscious brought it about, or let it happen. Understanding unconscious reasons for manifesting an accident puts the control back where it belongs, within the conscious mind.

Deciphering the details of an accident (just as if it were a dream) lets one recognize the unconscious positive reason for allowing or creating the situation. Intuition can help one determine if an accident is about one or more of the following: a message, a lesson, a protection, or perhaps a motivation.

Negative Situations and Obstacles to Success are Metaphors Decipher Them to Discover Hidden Meaning
You may have listened to positive thinking audiotapes, or read self-help books, and believed strongly that you could be in control of your life. You may have tried saying affirmations and thinking positive thoughts until you were "blue in the face," but did not get what you wanted. Perhaps the exact opposite happened, and you got what you did not want. It can be frustrating when you try to think positively and expect the best to happen, but instead, you either stay stuck in place, or "s---t happens." Do you know why?

What is imagined and strongly desired, Becomes manifested in physical reality
But only if there are no subconscious objections. Inner parts can veto what the ego or conscious mind desires, and manifest a different reality on their own. Notice the fine print. YOU are the creator of your own reality, whether you do it consciously or subconsciously.

Do you understand how inner parts in the subconscious can have a strong influence on your outer reality? For example, if a part’s positive intention is to protect you from failing, it can stop you from trying to do something (because to try and then fail would be too devastating.)

Did you know that your subconscious has a mind of its own? Your conscious mind may be in positive thinking mode, but negative emotions such as doubt, worry, or fear held in the subconscious can override the desires of the conscious mind. Negative emotions–of their own accord—can and do create a negative reality. Limiting beliefs, such as "I’m not capable," can create not getting that job you wanted. If, down deep inside you feel unworthy, unlovable or undeserving, be aware that these are negative core beliefs and they can cause havoc in your life. To feel unworthy at a deep core level, can create a situation where you do not get what you want, because you are unworthy of receiving it.

It is possible to explore within your psyche to find out how and why you are stuck in a negative reality. Communicating with your unconscious for answers is achievable, and easy to do. You can do it right now! How? By Deciphering the details of the situation.

When you Decipher any upsetting situation from your day, you can learn why it happened and communicate with inner parts that are involved. You can discover limiting beliefs, doubts, worries, frustration or fears that set-up an accident or negative situation. You may not consciously have wanted your outer world to be in bad shape, however outer reality can, and often does, mirror what is happening within the psyche.

To think you are a victim is to feel helpless and powerless. Inner parts in the subconscious may cause problems, however, they do this for a good reason. Parts want to work on your behalf.

Good results can be gained by Deciphering your waking day situations. You can discover that you are not a victim of outer circumstances. The power is then within you to change things. Seeing the gift in any situation stops the pattern of negativity and the lesson can be over.


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