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Animal Emotions


The bond between the animals and humans,


Strong emotions in animals are usually like a sudden thunderstorm, They blow in and then blow back out. Two dogs who live together in the same house can be snarling one second, then go back to being best friends the next. Normal people need a lot more time to get over an angry emotion, and even when a normal adult does get over a bad emotion he's made a lasting connection between the angry emotion and the person or situation that made him angry. When a normal person gets furiously angry with a person he loves, his brain hooks up anger and love and remembers it. Thanks to his highly developed frontal lobes, which connect everything up with everything else, his brain learns to have mixed emotions about that person or situation.


abbey- the dog


The main difference between animal emotions and human emotions is that animals don't have mixed emotions the way normal people do. Animals aren't ambivalent; they don't have love-hate relationships with each other or with people. That's one of the reasons humans love animals so much; animals are loyal. If an animal loves you he loves you no matter what. He doesn't care what you look like or how much money you make.


photogenic... whats up with the shutter ayennn?

Children don't, either. Emotionally, children are more like animals because children's frontal lobes are still growing and don't mature until sometime in early adulthood. I mentioned earlier that the frontal lobes are one big association cortex, tying everything together, including emotions like love and hate that would probably be better off staying separate. That's another reason why a dog can be like a person's child: children's emotions are straightforward and loyal like a dog's. A seven-year-old boy or girl will race through the house to greet Dad when he comes from work the same way a dog will. I think animals, children, and autistic people have simpler emotions because their brains have less ability to make connections, so their emotions stay more separate and compartmentalized.


babe and her dog




where friends support can pick you up




playing with buddy




praying with buddy








you pull me by my strap... now I have found a way too




dolphins are so friendly




dolphin loves to play with other animals



elephant and girl sitting close, size doesn't matter in friendship






hear it loud and clear




walrus being fed is camera shy




licking pig, how much dirtier can you get




cute baby pig




little mouse




lets have a snap on the way, you are missing me dude




let me finish it for you




thank you dear






mmmmm... i love you so much, have a hug




thats the way to smile




thank you very much, just hang on there till i finish up



too true buddy, we must hang out some place else




the terminators on drive




mouse with a glitter in his eye



i am endangered please save me



how can the picture be complete with a seal




lemme check, there's something in your hair




cute wambot


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